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WA Land Compensation

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Special rural land for sale in Nambeelup

Ferguson Fforde Pty Ltd is giving you an exclusive opportunity to purchase 30 hectares of Special Rural land only 6.5km from Mandurah.
Address: Parts of Lot 1 Fiegert Road and 534 Fiegert Road Nambeelup (to be amalgamated).


The WA Planning Commission has declared a Planning Control Area 104 over Scarborough Beach Road (Main Street to King Edward Road)

Scarborough Beach Road previously had a Metropolitan Region Scheme reservation over it for the planned road widening, however this has been amended with a Planning Control Area put in place. This new scheme has the same legal import as a reservation and allows an affected owner the right to compensation under the Planning and Development Act.


Is justice out of reach for ordinary Australians?

In the West Australian on 25 October 2012 Chief Justice Wayne Martin likened Australia’s legal system to a Rolls Royce, arguing it was accessible to big business, the very wealthy and a small group who could obtain legal aid.


Why does government avoid Planning Control Areas?

In regards to the Planning & Development Act, when government first indicates interest in privately owned land for a public requirement, a Planning Control Area (PCA) should immediately be declared over that land.


Negotiated Planning Solutions (NPS): A win-win solution

The Government, through its agency the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), wish to reserve land for parks and recreation etc, but have limited funds to compensate or acquire land.  Owners understand that their land is required for the common good but want to be fairly compensated.

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