WA Land Compensation

Property Valuations


WA Land Compensation has fully licensed and Certified Practising Valuers, specialising in land compensation valuations and general urban and rural property valuations.


We provide valuation services for purposes such as Capital Gains Tax, family law, Stamp Duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST).


Our compensation valuations are highly specialised and often require input from other professionals such as planners, to determine the best use of the land and to ensure it's optimum value. These valuations can be complex as there is usually much more to assess than the market value of the land.


WA Land Compensation has extensive experience which includes a fundamental knowledge of the relevant Acts of Parliament and case law, to independently assess compensation. Our independence is paramount and to avoid conflicts of interest, WA Land Compensation does not sit on any valuation panels nor take instructions from government authorities.


Normally valuations are carried out by instructions from owners or their solicitors. We will not take on the role of valuer if appointed as the claim manager and/or negotiator, especially if the claim is likely to finish up in court.


We also believe it is extremely important to interview our clients so we can fully understand their loss when seeking fair compensation.


The aim of compensation is to place the owner back in the same financial position they were in before the land was taken or reserved.



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